Sunday, April 23, 2017

Write into Renewal

Fully appreciate the emptiness of all. Then all minds are free, and dust evaporates in the original brilliance shining everywhere. Clear and without desire, the wind in the pines and the moon on the water are content in their original elements.  - Hong-Shi

Maybe when something stops, something lost in us can be heard."  
- Jack Gilbert from poem, A Ghost sings, a door opens.

Write sounds of dissonance and distress.  


Write into the silence.

Follow as daylight blends into twilight. Write how darkness prevails.

Alter a memory to find what feels lost. 

Could you rediscover its essence?

Where do you go when the left lane ends?

Startle into an awakening and hear a becoming.

At the stops, discover your feral spirit.

Let lost develop so emptiness reveals itself.

Write into renewal.

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