Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Write into Colors and Shapes

Let the effects of color inspire you to
delve into shapes and edges

Make discoveries in circles and squares.

What happens in the glow?

Write into the dark spaces.

Escape into the heart of the matter.

Swirl into words like hexagon, triangle and parallel.

Which moods reside on the edges?

What sits on a toadstool of green?

Fly into all the ways to describe color. Go beyond red to shades of apple, persimmon or tomato-flavored.

How does a lemon spread its wings across the page? 

Discover delight in ripples of vanilla, not just white.

Make lists of colors in all their varieties. Use them to describe the day and night.

Mix and match with outlandish and laugh.

Climb with meringue on mountains of glass.

Twirl aubergine way beyond green.

Delight in your own language of color.

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