Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Weeds into Wildflowers

Today, notice what some people call  "weeds."
Observe  how they sneak into and consume cracks in the man-made world.  They show us how to deal with unfriendly circumstances.

Most of life's daily challenges create tiny fissures of irritation where we need flowers to bloom.  Frustrations include: stepping in chewing gum, losing and misplacing items, gravity's tug on grocery bags and spilling liquids - to name a few.  Rarely do the major life occurrences propel us to agony the way these incidentals take over our moments with ferocity.

How can we turn these aspects of our lives into productive use?  Humor solves most of these infringements upon our delicate balance in life.  We need to work on becoming indefatigable as weeds.  Then move on to shine up our funny bones to view the process!

Identifying ourselves with wildflowers will brighten our days.
All varieties of flowers started with the hardiness of "weeds."   
Bloom each day with tenacity!  Perceive all your weeds as wildflowers. 
Take a ten minute laugh to energize your funny bones.

Make a daily list of frustrations that arrive in incidentals. 
Respond to the list of frustrations with humor.  
Turn your weeds into wildflowers. 

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