Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Poetry Play

Poetry is about getting at the core of things. It's about the universe of the detail but also about rhythm. -Edoardo Pointi

Edoardo Pointi loved to tell stories. "I've always written poetry, so for me it was a vary natural mode of expression, " he explained. "When I write poetry I'm at my freest. "It has become an amazing way to express anything I want without the confines of a narrative."

He lives the poetry that he cannot write. Others write the poetry they dare not realize. 
~ Oscar Wilde

Poets write for themselves and appreciate the reader’s connection. 

We weave our experience filled with sensory imagery, rhythm and detail then feel blessed when readers bring a similar understanding to the page.  

When my camera captures an image, I explore it with word images.

Only in Dreams (Solemente en Mis SueƱos)

Down a side street in Barcelona, 
three men stretch on a picnic table. 
Landlocked, they drowse through
dreamscapes, wings pinioned,
haunted in tattered clothes
in tangles of silence.
They clutch fragments
of stolen joy.
Mirages hover,
to rob them of songs.
They rouse to gather
plastic bags filled
with false spirits
and shards of glass.

              - Penny Wilkes

Capture a photograph. Amuse yourself. 

                Write what flitters in your fancy. Let words flow from your insight first.

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