Thursday, April 27, 2017

Start the Writing Flames

"For the most part, creative writing, regardless of genre, is an art of words and ideas and that is the starting point for most authors: the generating image, vision, word play, or whatever gets the brain gears greased." - Jessica Day

Examine your idea sparking process. What fuels your creative fire?

In what ways will you doodle and play with words and sounds so they flicker?

Do you notice an image that sets off an idea?

Does an overheard word or conversation strike the match?

During exercise or a walk, do the brain gears shift and shake, then flare?

Will a mood or frustration develop a friction of ideas?

How do scents and tastes add to the fire?

Do questions start a search for kindling?

Examine the photographs above. Let the details set off flames.

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