Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bunny Ears

Did you know that etiquette requires individuals to eat the ears first when munching a chocolate bunny? A survey conducted by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association (CMA) and National Confectioners Association (NCA) reveals this information. It also noted that chocolate bunnies are the number one “must have” item in an Easter basket.

I have always wondered about the bunny bringing chicken eggs. Where did this start?  

A myth reveals that the German Goddess of springtime, Ostara, evolved into an egg-toting Easter bunny. According an Anglo-Saxon myth, Ostara personifies the rising sun. A friend to all children, she amuses them by changing her pet bird into a rabbit. The rabbit brings colored eggs which she gives to the children as gifts.

I believe the bunny clan and the chicken clan played tricks on one another. They had their territories to defend above and below the ground.  One dark night, the bunnies climbed up from their depths and stole all the chickens' eggs. The bunnies rolled the eggs to their tunnels underground. 

All night long, the bunnies painted the eggs a variety of colors made from chewing spring flowers such as daisies, geraniums, and nasturtiums. They popped them up into the chickens' land and hid them behind bushes. The next morning feathers flew as the chickens ran around trying to find their eggs.

What do you think the chickens did when they discovered their eggs had turned a variety of colors? What did they do to get even with the bunnies?

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