Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Natural Art

"Art has been a way to bring into being what was sacred to our gods and goddesses, our inner fears and hopes. The art object is a step toward understanding. The artist's role is to make that inner world physical by constantly reevaluating the rituals and patterns of our connections to life. If we can evolve inwardly, then we can deal effectively with an ever-changing world."  - James Hubbell

The first step involves a dedication to learning details of the natural world. With a focus entirely on technology and the electronic world we lose touch with ways nature provides harmony.

Reverence for the earth allows technology to fit into a total interrelated way of life, says James Hubbell.

Nature teaches rhythms of the seasons. Its energy's rise and fall matches our emotional challenges.

The bud opens and evolves into a new structure. Nature shares its mysteries and patterns to the artist, writer, and photographer. Curiosity motivates us to delve and search for connections. Scenes beckon for a fable to unfold.

Just a glimpse from the turn of a head brings play into focus.

Color combinations surprise and amaze as a bird of paradise finds its way into a flower.

Magical connections appeal to the senses.

The natural world inspires musicality. Sounds of rain and wind turn into songs and uplift spirits.

Aromas waft on breezes to incite memories.

Tracing petals, fingers begin the ballet
of words: twirl of Spanish skirt and whirligig in magenta flow into the heart's delight.

Evolution is almost always a play of the unexpected according to James Hubbell.

Revel to find faces and stories-in-progress. 

Laughter teases at each
turn of our path.

Celebrate each day with the faces of art in nature.

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