Thursday, August 28, 2014

Write about Attachments

As human beings, we want aspects of our lives to turn out a certain way. When we cling to a strict outlook, we can often stifle the outcome.

We attach to:  material possessions, relationships, money, and outcomes. Often, frustration results from these attachments. When individuals do not act according to our expectations or we do not gain material possessions, we feel anxious and sad. 

The desire for an outcome hampers the energy of writing projects.

Practicing non-attachment with a writing project takes time. If, during the creative stage, we focus on a flow of words and ignore the result, more ideas percolate. 

This also assists to release attachments in other areas of life.

Do you ever feel like you’re holding on to something for the wrong reason? Are you too attached to the outcome of a situation or a result during writing practice? 

Live in moments of movement. Stay aware of "now" activities to avoid judgments and expectations of outcomes.

Let go! 

Flow to notice how to grow. Write about attachments in a freeflow style. 

Notice how staying in the writing moments expands your thoughts.

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