Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What occurs to me . . .

During my morning run, thoughts unravel. Songs arrive to match the pace.

I look up and around, to settle in nature. Air circulates with breeze or scents of someone's breakfast: eggs, coffee, cinnamon rolls.  The chill of morning air raises hair on my arms.

The sea coast brings another turn in the road and my tune changes. If a sadness or situation of concern populate my path,  I wander through them in search of a different view.

Staying in the moment arrives from evaluating my body's mood.  How do my toes feel as they hit the pavement.  I check on knees, ankles, neck, shoulders for details.

Sea birds and squirrels provide details in the landscape.  Flowers flash their hues.

My hearing increases.

A shift in breathing occurs as the pace increases. Rhythm changes and a flow sets in that clears the mind.

Ideas pop into focus and creativity soars. 

The run ends only after reaching this state in the movement's flow where I want to run forever. That conditioning sets an eagerness to return.

I never stop in discomfort. Just one more step . . . .

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