Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Sense of Home

"You can't leave home," she said. "You can go other places, all right. You can live on the other side of the world but you can't ever leave home."  
                                   - from Sue Monk Kidd's, The Mermaid Chair.

During childhood, I spent more time traveling than staying at home. Along with my father's professional needs, my parents had a travel bug. For three months at a time, we experienced foreign countries.

As a result, I became a turtle and carried my sense of home with me.

I held everything necessary to explore the world of people and places.

My curiosity snagged nature's colors, scents and textures. Laughter bubbled and flavored experiences.

Homesickness never traveled with me. I had no need to stay in one place for long.

My home waited inside; a safety that I returned to.

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