Friday, August 8, 2014

Live the Days

I raced into the world, my mother claimed. She did not experience hours of labor. A surge of water, chased by my arrival, launched me into the world. She claimed I nearly landed on my feet before the doctor caught me.

Mark Twain wants a day one finds out "why"?

Rather than pinpoint a day, I suggest daily doses of amazement and amusement during life's journey.

I continue to launch into each day's moments and use my senses to push further into wonder.  The good, bad, and frustrating engage with me. They enrich my ability to deal with a moment of solution.

Humor assaults life's challenges.

Laughter dilutes a situation of dread into one that delves into delight.

Moods lighten with positive thinking and flick away negative emotions.

My day of discovery arrives every day.  I believe Mark Twain meant each day one discovers why.

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