Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Letter S

Say and sprinkle sentences with the letter S.  Add S to play and sparkle in splay. Let Sassy and Silly saturate with silkiness.

Serenity and secrecy specify a sensuous stay.  Speculate or scintillate and scurry away.

Suffocate seriousness with solace and scamper for scents.

Swim with sprites and sirens of the sea.

Simplicity sheds the silence of slants to serendipity.

Smiles surround sensuous socks.

Shut out stupidity, senility and schlock.

So, saddle up and step into the stirrups.

Splice solutions to sleak. Snoodle and sneak. Snip the sneezle and soak in sleep.

Swaddle and skidaddle to strengthen in streaks.

Sip subtle the suggestions of S.

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