Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Meditation for Days of the Week

Use a word-a-day for focus. Begin with abstractions and develop a variety of ways to explain them.  

Here's a start:

Sunday: Reflection. 
               Find a pond with shapes and shadows. Delve into the mysteries.

Monday: Gratitude. 
                 Feel the breeze tingle face and arms on a tree-lined street.

Tuesday: Compassion. 
                Dip yourself into another's concern 
                to  absorb the sadness.

Wednesday: Acceptance.  

                     Laugh through the day's challenges.  Feel the freedom that results.

Thursday: Meaning.  
                   Let your spirit
                   develop all of the 
                   day's activities.

Friday: Forgiveness.  

              Rise above controversy or disappointment with another. Let it go.

Saturday: Celebration.

                  Life is a treasure moment-to-moment.  Celebrate with each breath.

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