Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Year in Ink

San Diego Writers, Ink, serves as a hub of the literary community, promotes literature, provides artistic development for writers at all levels, and facilitates artistic collaboration. 

A Year in Ink, an anthology published each year by the San Diego Writers, Ink, represents a sampling of the community's most brilliant work.

Judy Reeves, editor of Volume 10, writes, "The collection begins with Penny Wilkes's poem, "Becoming Marco Polo," which, for me, illustrates our approach in beginning any new work. Each one a dare, an exploration, an adventure, which is what I hope this collection will be for you as you read through it."

Becoming Marco Polo

Outside her childhood bedroom,
a jacaranda tree rubbed the porch railing
in squeals that lead curiosity like a piper.
She sneaked out the window to climb it.

Thighs squeezed the bark; arms in hug.
She needed to touch the V formed by branches
near the ground. If only she could reach it,
then swing to the grass where adventures waited.

Night warbling continued from the tree. Muggins,
the cat, dug claws in the wood and scampered
the highway at will. Her tail spiraled in the breeze.
Finch chitters rose from limbs. Even they

flew in and out of branches or captured ants
on this Silk Road. A hummingbird made its nest
higher than her reach. When her father called,
she looked out the window, stuck in the middle.

Again she tried, clutched with her fingers
to find security in the roughness. Blood mingled
with gray bark in failed attempts to settle into the V.
Courage grew in welts on arms and legs.

In spring, an explosion of lavender blossoms
flew a fragrance of musk into the air. She took a breath
and tried once more. One shoe felt the wedge.
Another stretch and both feet arrived.

She balanced and looked upward into an applause
of leaves. She jumped from the V
to explore the world and back before dinner.

Copies available: Call 619-696-0363

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