Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What's in Your Refrigerator?

"Begin an essay on the most boring subject you can think of, for instance: 'I went to sleep,' or 'I went to the store,' or 'I cleaned the house.' The sheer boredom of it may force your mind out of narrative mode sideways, into associations." - Patrick Madden

Start cleaning the refrigerator.  

Where to begin? 

Do you remove apples, a catsup bottle, something in a plastic box, or just clean around objects?

What do you store in the refrigerator that does not belong there?

Is something else strange about items there?

What else is living in your refrigerator?

What would your favorite writer examine to put into words?

Think from Shakespeare to Stephen King.

Add sounds, a song, and mingle scents.  

Find a taste.

Now write what comes to mind but do not include the refrigerator.

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