Thursday, June 29, 2017

Touch the Earth

We should consider touching the earth from time to time. In addition to sitting, cooking, gardening, cleaning and walking can all be part of our meditation practice, if we really connect and present awareness along the way. - David Nichtern.

Nature provides tranquility and a place where we may move away from the focus on our needs and what needs doing.

While observing the landscape, surrounding sounds, scents, and sights provide nourishment.

Hidden activities nurture

“The dark boughs reach out above me and encircle me like arms. I feel the assurance of being recognized, as if something powerful and protective is aware of my presence . . .  I am never alone in this forest of elders, this forest of eyes.”  - Richard Nelson, The Island Within 

Osprey flirts with updrafts. Grips its dinner on the surge of breeze.

Only a few days out of the egg, a seagull chick wonders at gravity. Soon its flight feathers
will sprout  and soar it into the sky.

Connections and ways of touching the earth expand our positivity and uplift moods. Refreshed, we return to what needs doing.

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