Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Write with Courage and Ferocity

"Don't shoot the messenger. Edit the message."  
- written on a wall.

Approach your day to notice where words and actions affect others in a positive way. 

Share a smile, a few sentences of gratitude, and a compliment.  

Those expressions become your high art.

Write with ferocity today. 

Applaud everything around you. 

Make peace with irritation. 

Use words to burrow into frustration.

Irrigate the soul with positivity. 

Change your attitude and watch how it soothes another.

Count how many judgments you can avoid. What would
their opposites sound like?  Write them!

Tell someone to expect an Amazement in an hour.  Then show them something to support it.  Amuse yourself at their surprise.

When a negative rattles toward you, twirl its pace and add a laugh.

Write one-liners and share them.

Win the world's attention word by word.

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