Monday, February 27, 2017

Into the Storm

Before the storm, the sea flaunts its personalities. 

During their flights of defiance against the wind, seagulls ripple on the currents like kites. 

They evade the force as long as possible, wielding magic in the thrust of wings. 

Pigeons circle in formations catching the drafts. 

Subtle changes alert the birds' radar to seek shelter before intensity could whip them from the sky. 

Pelicans and seagulls find protection on the edges of cliffs as winds broil. Cormorants rise into the branches of pine trees and preen. A winter sea and sky toy with the color wheel and capture a view that defies a camera's eye.

In India, darshan means getting a view. The clouds escape to reveal a panorama of the Himalayas from the foothills. The Himalayas give up their darshan. They're letting you have their view.

The Pacific ocean has provided a darshan on its day of wonder. It doesn't show itself right away. The tease encourages a search for your own words and imagery of discovery. 

The sky provides an opening. Where does it lead?

As the storm passes, the sea
calms and reflects its blue.

Discover ways to explore a winter scene in words.

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