Sunday, February 5, 2017

Escape to Kre8

The creative process requires exploration, joy, confusion, and revelation. Nothing about the 'courage to create,' as Rollo May calls it, moves in a linear fashion. Most scientific and creative breakthroughs occur during the rest period after intense work. Revision in writing moves in rollercoaster peaks and dips.

This applies to creativity in problem solving when life presents roadblocks and rocks in the road. Ideas need to spark in myriad ways on how to build a bridge or hop over the deterrents.

Playtime keeps one searching and making connections. Worries can badger like rust that never rests. Intensity requires a rest period while the process continues its diverse ways.

The mind needs to percolate ideas. Synapses need relief from constant firing.

Discover a spark and attract others until the fire blooms into focus. At some point the focus requires writing with a variety of word choices. Doodling helps the process.

Upon returning to tame the mind into less rambunctious behavior, you will feel refreshed; brain connections rewired.

With a project that requires revision, put the pages in a drawer or save your file and turn off the computer. Do the same with a problem you've worried about and does not resolve.

Get as far away as you can. Give yourself a break and rest or divert. When you return, you'll amaze yourself.

Escape to KRE8.

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