Sunday, February 12, 2017

Stop. Right. Now.

And the corollary to carpe diem — a vein that runs deeply through the rock of poetry — is gratitude, gratitude for simply being alive, for having a day to seize. The taking of breath, the beating of the heart. Gratitude for the natural world around us — the massing clouds, the white ibis by the shore. In Barcelona a poetry competition is held every year. There are three prizes. The third prize is a rose made of silver, the second prize is a golden rose, and the first prize: a rose. A real rose. The flower itself. Think of that the next time the term ‘priorities’ comes up.” 
– Billy Collins, from Commencement speech at Colorado College, 2008

Stop. Yes. Stop. Right. Now.
Take a breath. From wherever you are reading this indoors, go outside.  Just Stop. Then Go.
Find the first bloom of color. Green will greet you.  Let's hope it's a weed because of its tenacity.  Wander and take in nature's resources to award your participation in Gratitude.  
Watch what crosses your path. Maybe a snail will slow you down.

You might notice a spider web filled with dew. 

Possibly a bird will fly by and utter sounds you have never heard.
Once you return to the place you inhabited before you read this, read the quotation again.
What did you discover?

Did you see a laughing flower?

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