Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Let Humor Out to Soar

Reality can get in the way of creativity. Take a chance and write nonsense. It might turn out to make perfect sense and twirl into a launching pad for your writing.

Let humor our to soar when gravity sucks.

Look at the silliness of the government. Think of five ways you would use humor to turn their activities around. 

If you feel in a pickle because of politics see the world upside down hanging by your knees from a tree's branch.

Try the notion of changing places. Imagine daisies in the sky and clouds rooted to the ground. What would they dialogue about?

How would you transform into your opposite self?  If you play it safe, take more chances.  If you run an organized life, what if you scattered your life about?

Alter your routine. Do something you’ve really wanted to try and never had the time to do. Then write about it.

Search for faces and animals enveloped in roses. Invite them to tea.

Take a reality break. Write into the crawl spaces of fun and fantasy.

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