Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Want to Change Habits?

Do you have a habit you would like to change?  It could involve nail biting, procrastination or chronic worrying. On the positive side, you may wish to develop a write habit and spend time playing with words.

Rather than shaking a finger at yourself, go for thumbs up. You can do it!

Writing around, into and through thoughts and feelings about habits may assist you to discover ways to motivate change.

Write in response to the questions listed. Let them roll out in a flow without judgment or direction.

If you feel overwhelmed at any point, stop and rest. Take several deep breaths. 

1. Begin writing by experiencing the desire that motivates your habit. Imagine a place or time where the habit exists. Breathe into what it feels like. Write about the benefits of the habit. Let the sentences unravel your need.  

Keep writing until a different subject emerges.

When you are finished, write down some of the sentences that held the most meaning for you.

2. Continue to explore the desire. What if you never experienced it again? What would its opposite look like? Keep pushing words.

Copy sentences that feel important.

3. Name and dialogue with the desire. Ask why it needs you? How does it serve you? What could replace it?

What have you learned?

4. Focus on a positive habit. What does it feel like to want to accomplish it? How will it help you complete a goal?  

By writing into the depths of the four questions you may discover aspects of your personality you have not delved into.  

Make friends with yourself from the inside out.

Write to change and grow.

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