Thursday, August 4, 2016

Multiple Personalities at Play

“To be nobody but 
yourself in a world 
which is doing its best day and night to make you like 
everybody else means to fight the hardest battle 
which any human being can fight 
and never stop fighting.” 
-  E.E. Cummings

Psychologist, Carl Jung used individuation to describe becoming aware of oneself, one’s make-up, and the way to discover one’s true, inner self.

Jung said development of the “persona,” or mask occurs during our growth. We learn from parents and society, working on what is expected of us. When persona is not our true self, we have to compromise, adapt, even go against our authentic nature. The process of individuation requires understanding this mask.

Once we remove the mask and begin to live with our authenticity, we receive remarks and protests from those who recall how we used to relate. We require bravery to act and move away from a forced reality.

How do we choose the person we want to be? E.E. Cummings said we have, "so many selves."  We exist in a body with a variety of characters. 

When young in our teens or 20s, we choose a personality or two. Another kind of person still lives. Maybe it is what the real self wants to become?  

What options arrive to try on during the next decades of life?

Why not pick and choose multiple personalities like costumes. Try on the layers of emotion and thought. Let the characters out to play in myriad situations. 

Body language and facial expressions add nuances. New points of view will inspire writing styles and storylines. Weave in humor with a gaze in the mirror.  

Approaches from new perspectives will add fun to the process. One might even attract a widened circle of friends. It could become a way to evolve and re-invent the self to avoid the disharmony of life's frustrations. 

Creativity and comfort will abound with the freedom to choose a persona for the day. Add feathers and a beak.  Maybe a lion's roar will arouse potential?

Try on a new self or two and leap into creative activities.

A smile will guide the way for multiple personalities at play.


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