Thursday, August 11, 2016

Go Play!

"Man is most himself when he achieves 
the seriousness of a child at play."  
 - Heraclitus

Everyone needs to play and discover ways to wander in childlike wonder. 
Constant attention on “have to” events of adult status deflates the creativity necessary to a balanced life.

What does play do? 

Play develops problem solving on a fun level. We fall down. We get up. The process repeats. We learn to let go of the fear of that F word, fail.

Adding spirit to life, play distracts from what pulls us into despair.  

We escape boredom with the ability to imaginate.

Perseverance, freedom, and joy abound in the fun state. A mastery of newness results in confidence. Hearts swell with nourishment.

Scientists have discovered that even animals play.

Everyone needs to exercise a bit of mischievous behavior to cultivate curiosity and inspire humor. When the situation does not cause damage or harm, devious thinking initiates ways to solve problems.

Use memories of childhood impishness to implement writing by adding something out of the ordinary that has a texture of mischief making.

Recall a time you were creatively naughty.

Write to cause trouble in a playful way. Have you developed a prank that does not cause damage but excites and incites fun?

Let your curiosity travel to an imagination playground. 

Write to push the mischief into marvels.

Permit playful wisdom to result in a Fun State.

Go Play!

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