Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Power of Words

Words surround and envelope us.  We feel bombarded from street signs to the blur of advertising.  Social media, texting, and email show their alphabets. We often post sticky note reminders during the day.  Even a quick scribble on a hand helps us store a notion.

Wordies wriggle to rile us. They tease and tantalize.

How do you design with words to develop a presence in your life?

Do you re-arrange menus or redesign road signs? Do overheard conversations stick in your thoughts for later use?

Pay attention to word choices.

When you read, feel the verbal music of words and phrases.

Push words to evoke colors or scents.

Stimulate your silly bones with one-liners.

If you can, write in more than one language.

Play with backward readings to turn Stressed into Desserts.

Write words to express action.

Rhyme in time.

See how many times you can use the same word like Gertrude Stein, "When you get there, there isn't any there there."

Make friends with words that evoke emotions like fear and anger.  Attach fear to a favorite flower.

Entice anger to sing with canary tunes.

Discover nature's poetry with the insight of Langston Hughes, - "Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops."

Stay fierce with fun.  Find ways to participate in optimistic ideas.

Connect with your writing strengths. What will you overcome with writing?

Find stories to share.

Develop your own language:
       Ameddle and Deflay. Redadke!

Stoke writing energy by using the positive E’s: eyes, ears and enthusiasm to reach beyond Ego’s involvement. This requires more than revision or re-vision. It involves another R word – Risk.

Potentiate into your Power of Words.

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