Friday, May 20, 2016

Feelings as Visitors

Life is way too short not to laugh and love your way through it. 
- Rock Christopher

During the day many visitors pass into thoughts. Feelings rattle and rouse the toys in our brain. 

Some wear colors of reactions to what is going on around us. Others scream at the times that frustrate or cause anger. Joyful visitors acknowledge actions that please. 

Situations do not invite the visitors who travel through our minds to dictate how we feel. We have choices on our guest list.

The next time an uninvited guest arrives to put you in an uneasy state, explore what is going on to cause the reaction. 

Use laughter to get beyond the distress.

Spring into the curiosity of the moment. 

Invite all visitors to share their gifts. Choose wisely for the possibilities they offer as teaching moments.  

Use creativity to respond in a productive way instead of creating more conflict in life.

If you write LOVE backwards and add ve at the end it becomes evolve.

Choice is an empowering action.

Those who overcome others have strength. Those who overcome themselves are powerful. ~Lao Tzu

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