Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Current of Life

Our society has a tremendous engine for creating dissatisfaction, desire, and craving. Happiness is going to be this, it's going to be that, but it's never going to be just enjoying yourself where you are and as you are.  For most of us, cultivating simplicity and contentment might take some real effort   - David Nichtern

How to return to simple creates the challenge in our rush, rush, quick fix society.

Nature coaxes us to ease up about time. 

Observe the lack of "right now" that plants and animals promote.  

They respond to the melody of seasons.

For them, it takes nurturing and time for growth to occur.

A cormorant mother lays eggs and cares for her chicks without a stopwatch.  

Nature's world moves with the current of life. Eggs hatch and chicks grow wings and fly.

How could you make life enjoyable beyond the frenzy?

Watch roses unfurl.

Take time to avoid time-dependence.

Slow for simple.

Let your life unfold with ease.  Blend into contentment.

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