Saturday, May 21, 2016

Energize with Others

 We should value our enemies because they provide us with unique opportunities to practice patience, tolerance and forbearance. - Dalai Lama

 Individuals not in agreement with us reflect with mirrors and shout as energizers. Rather than calling them "enemies," I prefer to think of them as stimulators. If everyone agreed with our thinking and ways of living, we would learn nothing. 

Those who have varied opinions provide the opportunity for us to take off blinders and revitalize our mindsets. If we choose to do so. That's the challenge.

Tolerance forces us to open our minds to a neutral space.  Never easy but enlightening, it helps us grow.

When the Dalai Lama speaks of "forbearance," he means refrain and patient endurance. Self-control always creates another opportunity to think and gain insights.

Why do we detest the idea of being "wrong"?  We risk ending relationships, cause stress and pain for ourselves and others when we take on the terrier mentality and ferocity of holding on to our notions.  

Our perceptions or preferences, like worrying a stuffed toy without relenting, stop the wisdom process and life's progress. 
If we must fight for right and wrong, we need to stop the mind chatter to ask what difference it makes. Whose ego gets in the way and what for? 

Energize with others.

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