Sunday, May 15, 2016

Befriend the Unknowable

Our brightest minds seek to know the one thing 
that ties everything together.
The unknowable, it sits there watching us
We make up theories to explain it
Wars are fought over whose version will prevail
While the unknowable, it sits there watching us
Calmly licking its chops.  - Roderick MacIver

When feeling the forces of uncertainty, we often muddle in a place called anxious rather than move with the moment.  

Take a chance. Let the unknowable motivate your perspective and purpose.

Steer away from the thoughts of what might never occur. 

Begin thinking the unknowable "licks its chops" for an amazement to occur. 

An amusement will cause the unknowable to use its chops for fun and opportunity.

Rather than feeling overwhelmed, find pleasure in the simple.  

Settle into a car wash view.

Avoid the media's pull to the mindless chatter of daily news.

Slow down beyond technology's frenzy.

Peter Laufer, University of Oregon journalism professor, has written Slow News. The book provides ways to use what's needed from the "empty calorie" news that accompanies our daily lives. Take a look at his site:

Make friends with the unknowable by loving each moment. 

Fill to the finest.

Laugh, use curiosity, and creativity.


Lick your chops for life's abundance.

Befriend the unknowable.

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