Thursday, May 19, 2016

Catch the Moments

The deer they said would be there at dawn
never appeared
but the dawn mist instead.
Always something instead
like the little brown pebble on the porch
that turned out 
to be a frog.
Things that arrive on their own . . .  
 - Tony Hoagland

How often we chase somethings . . . 
          Then surprises appear instead. 
The unexpected leads us to thrive in adventure. 

Recognize the fun of impulses, opportunities and insteads. 

Watch for astonishments.

Ask questions instead of searching for answers. 

Delve into the unexplored. 

Stay in the moment.

What's in an eye gleam?

Observe transformations.

Don't miss the obvious in shapes, scents and sounds. 

Notice what flutters in unexpected places.

Experience the shadows.

Go wild. Squint, alter, fly.

Catch each moment. Thrill at what arrives.

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