Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Write Your Tides and Currents

John Muir lived in and loved the California wild. As a scientist he studied it and devoted himself to what he called its mystical nature. During the course of his communion with the glaciers and peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains, he came close to seeing them as living beings. He moved in the waters and streams following the currents.

The personality of the California Coast changes from south to north. It can nurture with a calm and warmth one minute and emote wild with wind the next.

Its roar and spindrift reach to the edges of expression.

How would you identify the currents and tides that have flowed for years through your own life? Think of the estuaries that gathered and nurtured growth. Acknowledge the rage of storms and their effects.

What changed because of erosion?  What remained as a fierce stream?

Does a mystical nature appear?

Write to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the cycles that have brought you to where you flow today.

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