Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Poetic Passwords

Researchers at the University of Southern California have found that poetry could help with sign on safety for the internet. Also, "Rhythm and a rhyme can help people memorize the password better," says Marjan Ghazviniejad, a graduate student in the USC School of Engineering's computer science department.

The Poetry Method created by Kevin Night, a research assistant professor of computer science at USC, starts with a 32,768 word dictionary.  Each word is assigned its own 15-digit-long code of zeroes and ones. The computer program randomly creates a string of 60 zeroes and ones and matches words from the dictionary to those digits.

The result is two eight syllable lines. To make the lines easier to remember, the program makes sure their last words rhymes.

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USC tested Poetry Method participants and 61 percent could remember their 16-syllable password weeks later.

The programmers say there are lots of kinks still to work out and online accounts would need to start accepting long passwords.

To see a randomly generated password go to bit.ly/PoetryPassword.

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