Thursday, April 28, 2016

Self-Reflection in Ink

"A good penman can make rivers that race to the sea, rivers as wild and dizzy as a flume in the Alps, as choppy as the Isarco, as wide and smooth as the Tiber at Ostia, or as deep as the Po where it rolls into the Adriatic."  
 - from A Soldier of the Great War by Mark Helprin

A meditative state results when writing in cursive. It stimulates both sides of the brain. The hand moves to energize the brain's logical side. Letters form words in artful flow from the right side's intuitive cells. Integration of both sides occurs as a result. The physical process of writing connects the writer on a sensual level.  

Cursive writing has become a lost art. Children today do not learn it as a requirement in elementary school. Many individuals do not even know what a fountain pen looks like.

Technology requires the fingers to push keys on computers, cell phones and ATM machines. A world of total keyboard input might work for everyone but writers. A pen gripped by fingers stimulates creativity and lets out the magic of words..

When writing with a fountain pen, the wetness of the ink drying on the page reflects a scent of its own. Feeling the elegance of writing and seeing the splash of color adds to the creative flow. Mindful moments with a pen slow and focus thoughts. 
As fingers blend with swirls, loops, and angles of letters, relaxation of the mind occurs. 

The rhythm moves the writer away from the rapidity of life's requests that bombard the psyche. 

Return to your emotional core and connect by thinking and writing with a pen. Without a fountain pen, try any pen that flows. Avoid the use of a pencil.

Experience a freewrite for ten minutes. Find self-reflection in ink.

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