Monday, April 25, 2016

Try Playfulness

"Man is most himself when he achieves 
the seriousness of a child at play."  
 - Heraclitus

Everyone needs to play and discover ways to wander in childlike wonder. 

Constant attention on “have to” events of adult life deflates the creativity necessary to a balanced life.

What does play do? 

Play develops problem solving on a fun level. We fall down. We get up. The process repeats. We learn to let go of the fear of that F word, fail.

Adding spirit to life, play distracts from what pulls us into despair.  

We escape boredom with the ability to imaginate.

Perseverance, freedom, and joy abound in the fun state. A mastery of newness results in confidence. Hearts swell with nourishment.

Scientists have discovered that even animals play.

Try something new today in a playful way. Drive yourself into a Fun state. Venture outside of your adult life and revel with the abandonment of a child.  

In writing, ask questions to discover what makes you feel playful. 

Permit playful wisdom to result in a Fun state.

Go play!

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