Friday, September 19, 2014

Storytelling: The Three Cs

"We must create and find our own stories, our own myths with symbols that will bind us to the world as we see it today."  - Terry Tempest Williams

A personal narrative includes a desire, struggle and realization. More than an accounting of events, it includes emotional, moral and psychological tones which give meaning to the events.

Story shape:

A desire starts the story.
You struggle to gain it through an action or actions.
Challenges with interrelated events occur that you make happen or happen to you.

Because of what happens, you become a different person.  You realize something as a result of the struggle.  You may see things differently with resulting wisdom. Or, you do not gain insight.

You have a realization or a series of realizations and a shift in values or perception. Possibly you learn nothing from the life lesson and continue to make similar choices that end in negative results.

Write about the three Cs: You take a chance, make a choice, notice a change. Tell your story by describing a desire and challenges to reach a result.

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