Thursday, September 18, 2014

Football and the Unpredictable

During football season I notice connections between the game and life. Regardless of how well one prepares in both situations, unpredictable events occur. Some amaze. Others amuse.  We often shake our heads in muddle or marvel.

A football game plan changes in a second. An odd sequence of moments unfolds when a fumble forward results in either a first down or a turn over. A flying player can risk injury to find a way to score. Problem solving must exceed exact plans and choices in the moments.

Years ago, my husband, Michael tripped out of his car parked on the curb next to our home. His keys flew in the air. No interception. No recovery. Not even a jingle gave us a clue to know if they made contact with the sidewalk or tree branches. We borrowed a metal detector and tried for hours to locate them. They just vanished.

Recently at the airport, when thinking about plays during a football game, I mentioned the weirdness of football situations and how their peculiar instances parallel life events.

After I went through security I received a text from Michael -  Can't find my license. I raced back through the monitors and learned he had taken the license out with the ticket. When he arrived at check in, no license. Had gravity caused the fumble?

Fortunately, he retraced his steps and found the license received by a metal plate on the floor.  Thankfully, this time, weird did not win. No interception. No penalties. Just an advance of the down.

I went back though security and metal detectors. This time the TSA inspectors took a special interest in my purse.  I laughed at the amazement and amusement of the unpredictable. I shrugged; no personal foul.

Life's magic brings on adventure and experiences in unpredictable ways. Humor and football metaphors help me win the day.

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