Saturday, September 20, 2014

Who Designs Signs?

As a word-driven person, I wonder who designs signage. Does anyone test the reaction time to signs along roadways? By the time the driver has figured out the sign's meaning, an accident could have occurred.

The above street sign concerns me about angry traffic that won’t stop. If it isn't angry, what does the "cross" mean? I laugh at the signs along the highway like "Rocks." How would an international traveler respond? Who rocks? What rocks? Wow, shall we?

A Dead End sign make no sense to me. The street just stops, right? Who is dead there . . . a frightening thought. If street is too long a word to fit the sign, then END works for me.

Soft shoulder always twirls my mind. Does the highway have an anatomy? Turn at the next leg? Stop at the foot? Slow at short toes.

I will never get used to signs with graphics. The variety of symbols, people and slashes confuse.When signs like Snow Heaves appear, I shake my head. Does it have the flu?

Signage assists when it provides detailed information. Neighborhoods on the east coast reveal: Handicapped Child and Deaf Person. I haven't seen Mentally Impaired.  

Our highways and byways definitely need writers and editors to create signage that gets to the point. Until then, I will find ways to calm the angry traffic.

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