Sunday, September 14, 2014

Find Five Ways

Frustrated with the state of America, we often avoid deep reflection and thinking in our daily lives. Our culture has created an avoidance behavior since the media continues to irritate us with the doom and gloom in reporting the status of our country.

Individual Awareness becomes the first step to alter apathy. It has to start with each individual taking responsibility and then extending it. That's the reason to get effective communication out there with positive people who are making a difference headlined.

It's not about sign waving, it's about reorganizing thought patterns to consider, "What can I do? What are five ways today and then tomorrow? Start with family and friends first. Our media needs to show us how we have succeeded in the past in order to motivate us for the future.

If it's easier to continue to point out what's wrong with the politicians or "shoulds" then we'll never see positive change.

We need more life coaches and less critics. If one person can reach one, it makes a difference. So, alter your kaleidoscope and put thought into five ways Americans have achieved greatness. Share them with your family and friends and urge them to pass it forward. Stop the bashing and stay Positive to bridge the communication gap.

Each morning begin breathing with gratitude and awareness. Think of five ways to make each moment count. How will you make your presence felt in the world today?  Write about it.

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