Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Write Renewal

November's elections completed, a sense of renewal fills the air. Take time today to renew faith in yourself and America, regardless of how voting turned out on candidates and issues. Make an effort to write about your responsibility as a human doing.  

If you watched the sea of Americans who greeted President Obama's speech, it revealed every color, shape, size, and age. American Won the Night with the words spoken of responsibility, hope, and work that needs accomplishing. We're in this together to collaborate instead of feeling the dissatisfaction of compromise. 

You might have to become idealistic and positive beyond beliefs and strongly held ideas to evolve into renewed ways of thinking. The creative choice is yours.

Here are ideas to jump start your write renewal:

1. Write about what you've learned at this stage of your life. See how far you can go with this for fifteen minutes.

2.  When you catch yourself thinking about what's broken, the economy, ill health and adversity, consider what you want to happen and how you can make it happen on your scale. Keep writing.

3. Believe in living in the moment. Don't dwell on negativity. Write beyond it.

4. Write about what you truly need to be content. Delve into why you think,“I'll be happy when I have this or that,” or “when I live over there,” or “when this happens.” 

5. Write your successes. Examine mistakes and if you have failed to meet objectives. You have choices. Examine your priorities. 

Additional Points to Ponder:

6.  Choose wisely what you read, listen to and the people with whom you associate. Avoid letting negative individuals populate your world.  You cannot change them.  Move on.

7.  Learn to listen with both ears. Evaluate before disrespecting another's opinion.

8.  Examine how you take responsibility for yourself with healthy choices of diet, exercise and mind push ups. Nurture a spiritual force that supports your efforts.

9.   Take pride in the natural world and explore it daily with all your senses. 

10. Work on the power of You.

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