Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Campus Eavesdrop

How does one get to know another culture?  A first step involves learning the language. Immersion and listening skills assist the acclimation process. 

A writing professor needs to know "what up" in order to comprehend students' concerns and delve into their culture. Eavesdropping on passersby provides insights when translating whims of the day. 

I sat on a bench, then moved around to observe and listen to student-speak as the campus variety wandered by.  

Try it at a coffee shop or your work place.  The DMV reveals wonders. 

Collage words and play!

A Morning of Student Speak

I didn't end up buying the purple one. Nah. Just no. no. no.
Been with him a year, that's not it.
I mean… woah ho

Rad. Couldn't be in a better position.
Whatever. Friends.

Mom. Mom Mom. Listen to me.  Will you?  It's nothing. Nothing.
Went on a fishing trip the second week after his baby was born. That's all.
Just because
Got to run out

Love the mildew smell of his tiger sheets.
We're too traumatic to each other.
But I don't know the name of the author
Eventually Sam and Amy are gonna move out.
Why you overwhelmed?
And you have to write the paper on it?
What yuck? 
Wanna gowanna bike ride or sumpin
Anyonje like know where I can live?

You owe me money - 
You owe me more than that money
She likes everything but he dropped the ball
Noooo   stupidy stupidy stupideee
Reasoning  -  terrible.
Great. Go home and start working
Anyways. Yet and still.  . .
He's stuck in his monologue.

I jus don ever get wuuhmen!
Oh Blah, I feel really, really great.
He went to school in a blue sheet today.

It's like, reeely
Oh I can do that

Pineapple.  No banana
Banana but I can't get it open
Have you met Bill?
I thought he was a card board cut out?
. . .He certainly wasn't last night
No problema.  Why is it that problema is feminine? Always?
Kinda round but not in bad shape
Man she's like Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown
Promises. Promises. No results.

What will take us where she wants to go?
Maybe you need a seasonal cleanse?
My sister…mumble.. pretty teacher…mumble

So the point… is?

It's just stupidity, stupidy, stupideee!

I am the son of an evangelist
and an alcoholic mother.

Que paso now?

Why don't you

Who do

and why?

Straight ahead into morning!

Three poems I didn’t write 

Que pasa?
        Have you met Bill?
        I thought he was a card board cut out?

        It’s like, Woooah!
        . . . He certainly wasn’t last night!

        Love the mildew smell of his tiger sheets.
        Que pasa now?

No Results
        Man she’s like Lucy holding the ball for Charlie Brown
        Promises. Promises.
        No results.
        Straight ahead into morning

        I’ve been with him a year, that’s not it
        Mom. Mom Mom. Listen to me.  Will you?
        Where’d you get it from?
        It’s nothing. Nothing!

        So the point is?
        oooo! that’s stupidy! stupidy! Stupideee!


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