Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Retreat to the Past

Imagine living in 1890. By the light of an oil lamp you turn pages in a book, write a letter with pen and paper, or scribble in a diary. You might ride a bicycle or take a walk at sunset.

Do a Google search about writing in 1890 to set the stage. Collect details of that time period that amuse or amaze from your 2012 perspective. 

Abandon technology for an hour or two. 

Use a pen and paper to delve into your Google discovery. 

Write a letter describing your feelings about a day in 1890.  

Discover how a pen flowing across the expanse of paper leads to an emotion, thought or need. Let your mind wander and imagine. Permit words to fall where they will without crossing out.

Experience attention to detail by writing the old fashioned way.

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