Saturday, November 3, 2012

Teasing Daisies

Daisies tease beyond the chain link.

Where is the poem?

Become a puppeteer and dangle observations on nature’s stage, eavesdrop on human nature and add emotion. Search for surprises and how the man-made world and nature co-exist or conflict. A reciprocity develops in personal ideas and philosophy danced upon the outside world and then pulled back inside.

If it’s hiding
search for it
in a spider’s dream
or web of twilight.

You might find one
in lemony shadows
that attach to ladybugs

Consider it
in the moon’s crackle
blinking past pines.

Discover moments
before stars sprinkle
dusk with a promise

of what we most need.

Where does a poem come from? It glistens at the crossroads of preparation and possibility, muscled from writing practice to the moment observed.

Creative Write: Today search for a poem. You may need to dig in your garden and look under a few rocks.

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