Saturday, November 10, 2012

FUNdamentals: Fast. Hard. Finish.

Chip Kelly, coach of the Oregon Ducks football team, advises his players that a team can only control its preparation, its effort and its attitude. Everything else - the venue, an opponent’s record, kickoff time, ranking, the media, or weather on game day - falls into the category of things even he can’t control. 

Areas that Coach Kelly cannot control do not concern him. Practices always focus on fundamentals. His philosophy of Win the Day means dealing with the moments in movement.  Fast. Hard. Finish.

"It's all X's and O's,"  said Vince Lombardi coach of The Green Bay Packers in the '60s. Lombardi didn't mean hugs and kisses. He stressed the fundamentals.  

Like football players, writers need to comprehend the rules of writing and know how to move around them for effect. One never gets beyond the need to practice remedial skills and beginner steps. A focus on fundamentals and Win the Day philosophy makes writing FUNdamental. 

Creative Write:  Consider your fundamental writing skills. How do you prepare for writing?  How do you energize effort and attitude toward words?  Write your one or two line writing philosophy.

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