Monday, November 12, 2012

Story in six words. Try it.

I came. I saw. I conquered. 
(Veni. Vidi. Vici.) 

Julius Caesar may have written the first six word story in 47 B.C.  He used the sentence as the full text of his message to the Roman senate. It describes his victory over Pharnaces II of Pontus in the battle of Zela (today’s Turkey).

Story has it that Ernest Hemingway ran out of money in a bar one night.  He called the owner over and said if he wrote a story in six words would that pay his bill?  He said if he signed it, the story would be more valuable than what his drinking cost that night.   

Hemingway wrote.  For sale: baby shoes. Never used.

Here are a few examples of six sentence stories:

Dad called. DNA back. He isn’t   - Helen Fielding

They awaited sunrise. It never came. - AS Byatt

The earth?  We ate it yesterday. - Yann Martel

Nessie discovered.  Bigfoot jealous. Press conference.  - Nate Brown

Nomad meets gypsy.  They both settle.  - Cameron Graham

Creative Write:  Try a few six word stories.  Maybe they will show you the way into additional development?

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