Sunday, September 16, 2012

Uncage the ordinary!

Do you feel caged in ordinary ?

During your process as a writer,  nurture awareness to notice, collect and collate daily experiences. Transpose ordinary walks into adventures. Restaurants provide eavesdrop appointments with conversations. Body language shares slants of life to extrapolate for future writing. Each moment fills with curiosities and sensory input for the pen.

In the Autumn 2010 issue of “The American Scholar,” author Tony Hiss poses a notion of “deep travel" in his article, Wonderlust. He writes, “deep travel has a distinctive taste. It often surprises us, stealing over us unawares. But it can be sought out, chosen, practiced, remembered, returned to.”

Hiss mentions the need for wonder to bridge into deep travel. “You slow down, you may stop altogether. You’re lost. You’ve got to find, and soon, some way to proceed, and so your senses are wide open, for the time being, everything and everyone is a potential source of information.”

Today, take time for wonderlust. Notice the questions that arise from everything around you. Move through the day with all your senses open to make the extraordinary appear.

Creative Write:  
Fly with your pen  from your cage of ordinary!

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