Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kre8 a Bumper Sticker

Do you wonder where creativity comes from?  Can it be taught or caught?

What does it take to see into, beyond and make connections not considered before?

How do we communicate our Passions and Pangs?

Many use bumper stickers to warble their concerns in words.

Honk if . . . . 

The messages make us smile, engage our curiosity or pique anger. Often we have to get into the meaning: celebrate whirled peas.

Bark Less. Wag More.

We engage with,  I heart my ….

Reminders include: Life is short, play hard.  My karma just ran into your dogma.

I’d rather be  . . . .

What bumper sticker do you want to share with our weary world?
Go KRE8!

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