Monday, September 17, 2012

Nourish with Words

You nurture others with this style of writing. Readers will recall the great chef you became and the food of words you offered. They become fed by having the ability to move into the sensory world you have created. Their stomachs will fill and taste buds tingle.

Consider meals you have spent with family and friends. Focus on the details of outdoor cooking time in the summer. Recall the sizzle of the grill. Write about the tang in the air that floated barbecue sauce and sweet scents to the table. Have you shared ethnic dishes from around the world?

Write to experience the crunch into a pear. Taste the tang of oranges and a pineapple.

Many experiences nourish a life of words and food. Recipes inspire word usage in condensed forms. To cook, all you have to do is read. Like writing you can ad lib and add to taste also. That's the fun of a free flow of words and fixing a meal.

Creative Write:  Write about nourishment.

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