Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Belief Systems

Occasionally we need to take a look at ways to update our belief systems. How do we define a spiritual practice, ideals, a goal or a relationship?  Which principles need to grow or change?  If we open up to wonder about why we believe, the potential expands for knowledge and a renewal of understanding.

A curious mind moves in myriad directions. It collects ideas, amazements and amusements.  Gaining new information on all levels of life requires collating and considering possibilities.  We add to our mosaic of experience by taking in variety and refining pieces for personal use. Communication with diverse individuals requires blue sky thinking.

Renew. Revise. Revitalize.

Creative Write: Consider a belief, an ideal and a relationship. Write to expand your knowledge in each area. Then respond from a view opposed to your own. Do you gain insight?

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