Saturday, July 29, 2017

Write On!

When a day presents challenges, we have fingers and words that will mesh and flow to keep us in the present moment.

While you're reading, let each word take the place of an anxious feeling or thought of the future.  Emerson writes a simple truth. We are in charge of our balance and focus on life's benefits. 

Let yourself move from the inside out without distractions of the world you cannot control.

When a situation arises that causes tension and frustration, push past it. Then let humor in to circulate and re-arrange the activity. 

Get a pen or let those fingers tickle the keys. 

Write about the funny. Let silliness dance into wonder.  

Go for an exploration in explanation.  Detail color, sound, and scent across the page.

Remember as you write on, you stay focused on the moments in movement.

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