Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ways to Let Go . . .

Just because something ended doesn't mean it never should have happened.  You lived. You learned. You grew and you moved on.

Memories shimmer,
trail behind us.

They do not need us.
Wave. Just say thanks.

Notice. The sun has risen
to shine on daisy petals.

A bee's headstand moves
inside its nurture.

No anger as the sea dances
while it pulses to the shore.

On the breeze, gardenia sway
enlivens the hour.

For the last time watch
sequences you return to.

Go. Light a match. Notice
the heightened moment.

Let the flame leave 
on its own accord.

Breathe in. To the top
then out. Let go.

Applaud yourself
at sunset.


  1. This post is so beautiful. In an almost eerie way it speaks directly to what's happening for us right now. Words to reread and take to heart.

  2. Appreciate your comments. Thanks for posting.